Miniature English Bulldog

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Mini or Miniature English Bulldogs are not a separate breed in itself. They come from registered English Bulldog parents. While the original Bulldog breed is medium sized their Miniature counter part is considered to be a small to medium breed.

Due to size, some typical English Bulldog characteristics are not carried over so pronouncedly in Mini English Bulldogs. They have dense and powerful, low-slung body with wide shoulders and a massive short-faced head, smooth coat. Despite its early breeding to bait bulls, the Bulldog is gentle and good-natured and makes an excellent companion for the whole family.

An ideal pet, as he loves to be in the company of his family. He adores children and makes an excellent companion to them because of his gentle, sometimes stubborn nature. He is a laid-back, loyal good natured and undemanding companion who would make a great companion for the elderly.


Typically brindle, white, red, fawn or patched (black undesirable)


Short and smooth coated, easy to groom

Health Issues:

Mini English Bulldog’s Health issues are similar to the Bulldog’s: Breathing problems and whelping difficulties (many puppies are born Caesarean section). Patellar luxation, hip and knee problems. Overheating. Itchy skin, demodex mange, eye problems such as cherry eye.


The Mini English Bulldog is a friendly and good-natured breed. Gentle, affectionate, docile, and mellow, very good with children and strangers. A lot of human attention is required for their happiness.

When Mini Bulldogs are young, they are full of energy, but slow down as they get older. Loyal, fierce in appearance but extremely affectionate in nature. Extrovert and gregarious, this breed’s happiness requires human attention. Occasionally scrappy with strange dogs.

Living Environment:

Mini English Bulldogs are a less active breed and need little exercise to remain happy. A good apartment dog if walked regularly, does not require a yard. This dog breed should not be expected to run or walk long distances especially in hot weather. They do best in temperate climate (indoor-outdoor). Do not leave them outside unattended in hot weather.