American Pitbull Terrier – Zorro


Age: 11 weeks

Color: Black & White

Strong, beautiful pup.

Dam: Hanekom’s Nala

Sire: Octagon’s Nitro

Champion bloodline: Yes

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Pit Bull dogs, also recognized as American Pit Bull Terriers by certain dog clubs, have historically been known as courageous and heroic animals.  Pit Bulls bred by responsible breeders are energetic and have a very sweet nature.


Pit Bulls are naturally friendly, active dogs that need a lot of exercise. Well-bred and well-raised dogs are eager to please, inquisitive and very intelligent. Contrary to popular belief, most Pits are patient and adore children, which makes them wonderful family dogs, although young children should be supervised around any dog. Due to their breeding, Pits tend to be aggressive toward other dogs, but some co-exist well with other pets if they have been raised around them since puppyhood. While a dog of any breed may become aggressive when raised in an abusive environment, Pit Bulls are not naturally aggressive toward people. They actually crave love, attention and approval.

Since Pits are highly intelligent, eager to please, physically strong and tenacious animals, they make great service dogs. Pit Bull Terriers are often used in search and rescue operations and by law enforcement for bomb and drug detection.